The Top 3 Benefits of Using A Presentation Folder Template

Even in the most established industries, careful planning may not be enough to ensure the required lead time is given to every project, especially when it comes to design. So whether companies are looking to create their first folders or update an old design, the presentation folder template is still something that comes in handy in a pinch.

Below are just a few reasons companies have chosen to start with a template over a blank (or an old) canvas.

New ideas
New layouts can be just as difficult to come by for veteran and novice designers alike. For the experienced creators who have seen countless folders, it can sometimes be impossible to imagine that innovative ideas can even exist.

Starting with a template created by a third-party designer can help you distance yourself from your company’s well worn designs. This new baseline can be just what you need to generate new ideas.

For some, starting with a blank canvas can be intimidating, making the task of filling it with a stylish design even more daunting. Templates are an ideal way to speed things up and get started. Most templates allow you to keep, edit, or add text and graphics to customize your final folder design.

Even if you can’t technically delete a graphic, you can always create a white-coloured box large enough to cover the part you want to replace. Then import your own photos and move them to your desired location.

If you’re short on time, compiling a list of quality industry folder designs might be out of the question. Having access to a database of tested templates is a convenient way to quickly examine best practices and determine what you like and dislike in one sitting.

Once you’re done, you might even find it easy to create your dream folder from scratch, incorporating your preferred combination of elements.

In summary

The presentation folder template offers companies with different levels of resources the ability to create high-quality folders. These templates are convenient and efficient for generating ideas for brand new folders and updating existing designs.


Using 9×12 Folders to Keep Your Office Organized

Ever feel like papers aren’t in the place you last left them? This annoying situation can quickly turn anxious if you’re on a time crunch. 9×12 folders can save you from having to remember these details…or at least protect you from the little gremlins that might be creating your chaos.

Just follow the simple steps below, and you can eliminate frantic searches from your list of stressors.

1. Sort documents and create a filing system.

The first step in developing a solution is always to understand the problem. By sorting through your current inventory of loose documents, you can weed out those that are not important and start separating what’s left into useful piles.

2. Order your 9×12 folders

After completing step one, you now have a clearer sense of your filing needs and a good idea of the most efficient way to stay organized. Use this information to create the ideal folder to keep you organized.

With the growing variety of printed materials companies receive and create, print shops now offer a variety of options to customize your 9×12 folder. You may not need all the advanced frills for a filing system, but coatings to help protect from wear and tear on commonly used files or bold colours to mark business critical files may come in handy.

9x12 folders

3. Choose an appropriate storage unit.

Whether it’s a filing cabinet, a desk drawer, or a box, a useable storage unit is key to maintaining a organization. If it is inconvenient to get at your files or if storage units have to be scattered about your office, your motivation to stay organized will drastically fall.

Of course it can be hard to predict whether you will all of a sudden have a significant increase in the number of business documents that come across your desk, so scalable solutions are preferable. For example, a stackable mobile unit is preferable to a small drawer in a wood-carved desk.

 4. Keep on top of things.

Finally, sorting and filing as documents come in is key to avoid future episodes. One or two items a day slipped into 9X12 folders is a breeze to organize compared to a hundred pages of miscellaneous items collected over the past weeks.

Characteristics of an Effective Presentation Folder Template

If you’re a new designer, a presentation folder template is a great tool to help you create your first design. These templates even come in handy when experienced designers are looking for new ideas.

But if you’re the one looking for ideas, how do you decide which guide to choose?

Often times this decision depends on personal preference and marketing strategy. But although there is no exact formula for the “right” template, there are certain useful characteristics to look for in templates.

1. Ability to Edit Text and Photos

Templates should come with placeholder text boxes and photos, making them perfect for providing layout ideas. This is only useful, however, if all the text items and photos can be updated and personalized as desired.

2. Ability to Add Text and Photos

The best templates should allow you to add your own text and photos. Without this option, merely personalizing existing text boxes and photos won’t be enough to keep your folder from looking cookie-cutter.

For convenience, compatibility with a variety of file formats is also helpful. The option to can upload JPGs, TIFs, PNGs, or GIFs without having to modify your original file can come in handy when you are considering a variety of photos or design elements.


Best Presentation folder templates
Get Creative Presentation Folder Template

3. Simplicity

A folder layout is one of the many places where less is more.  No matter how tempting it is to fill up white space with information or eye-catching graphics, resist. Look for a template that effectively uses white space to focus attention on a key message.

As you are customizing your chosen template, continue to resist any impulses to overload the finished piece with additional text and photos. Think of it as gift wrapping. The meat of the package should on the printed materials inside.


Looking for these three characteristics in your next presentation folder template will almost guarantee you an effective blueprint. However, the template is only good as what you put into it.

What Quality Print Shops Offer for Presentation Folder Printing

Presentation folder printing can be a breeze when you work with the right printing company. The best ones offer not only a variety of options in materials and finishes, but they also offer the affordable assistance of their in-house design team to help you with any part of the printing process. Below are a few essential options and services to look for in a printing shop.

Variety of paper stock
The type of paper you choose will determine the durability and the look and feel of your folder. Thicker paper will generally be more durable to a point. After that, the thickness will actually make it easier to crinkle and retain creases.

Some paper stock is also better at showing off certain, if not all, colours. Having a high-level vision for your presentation folder will help ensure that the paper type you choose will best suit your design.

foldersColour options
There are times when a simple two- or three-tone colour pallet goes a long way. Then there are times, when bold splashes of colour are needed. To have all your needs covered, make sure your printer has a variety of colour options to choose from.

Experienced design team
If you are lucky, you have colleagues to help you or critique your design before it goes to press. Even so, it may still help to get an experienced unbiased perspective. Looking for a printer that has an experienced team which is knowledgeable enough to help you through any step of the design or printing process is important to ensure quality products every time.

Even if you don’t officially ask for customized assistance, trusted shops often take time to review proofs for errors even before or after you finalize your approval.

Flexible turnaround
You never know when you’ll find yourself on a last minute job.  While the premium of asking for rush printing and delivery may be difficult to accept, there will always be that one exception. You want a presentation folder printing shop that gives you the flexibility to cover short notice needs. You never know when you may need them.

Pockets Options that Make 9×12 Folders Functional for Your Company


Perhaps your grade-school experience with 9×12 folders makes you skeptical about their use in the grown-up, modern world of business. Well, your single-subject, two-pocket versions available in an assortment of colors or cartoon designs can also be created with refined, sophistication for any business need. Aside from the actual design and text on the cover, the sheer number of options for organizational pockets alone can set your business 9x12s clearly apart from your 2nd grade English folder.

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Below are the main categories of decisions for pocket options.

The most obvious choice you’ll make is whether to use one pocket or two. Generally speaking, most companies prefer two pockets. Not even necessarily to stuff more printed materials in the folder, but rather to make sure that the information contained is easily accessible without having to rifle through a stack of other documents.

Height of the pocket
The next most obvious question to answer is how tall you want to make your pockets. Common sizes are from three to four inches tall. This gives a good amount of support for items being stored and also leaves enough space for someone to scan the top sheets in each pocket.

Glue tabs
These are the little flaps at adhere your pocket flap to the main piece. Most folders will come with glue tabs because this ensures that items will not accidentally fall sideways out of the pockets.
Sometimes pockets are designed without using glue tabs when there isn’t much information to be distributed. This type of folder gives the recipient an experience like that of opening a present.

Gussets and spines
For the heavy duty pocket folders that are home to thick packets or handbooks, gussets and spines are added so that the depth of the pocket can be extended.

Business card holders
Most companies prefer to include business cards instead of printing contact details on the folder itself. This means no reprinting after changes in personnel or office location.

There are a handful of cuts that can be made to hold a business card or two, normally on the pocket flaps. First are two or four diagonal slits to hold the corners. Second are little semi-circle or other similar shaped tabs to hold the edges of a business card in place. These shapes can also be used to hold the corners of the card.

Other Products from Online Printing Services: Vehicle Magnets

Whether you own a company or work in one, you’re well aware of the usefulness of online printing services. Not only can they print all your paper forms, folders, and business cards, but they can create almost everything needed for your marketing and sales departments. What you may not know is that the large shops provide a wide range of services that can help with promotions and increase brand and product recognition, and you may want to consider incorporating some or all of these products to enhance your current marketing strategy.

Many of you likely already know about or use magnets in promoting or advertising your company. In fact, they are so common in some industries that they are even used in place of business cards. Given their value in homes on refrigerators, on lockers, or inside tool boxes, magnets have a high potential of customer interaction. But vehicle magnets are also available as one of many online printing services of shops that print home magnets.

Vehicle magnets offer the advantage of mobile advertising without the full-time commitment. Like the home magnet, these larger versions adhere to any metal surface. Using vehicle magnets also allows you to involve employees traveling or commuting for work to participate in marketing efforts.


They are especially useful for timely promotions and timeless company/brand advertising. So the next time you need to advertise a store opening, semi-annual sale, or any other special event, don’t just rely on flyers and advertisements. Consider using the vehicle magnet instead.
Also, a vehicle magnet can turn any vehicle into a company car in a flash. And this is much less expensive than custom paint or vehicle wraps.

A bold, carefully designed design can get the attention of a larger, more diverse audience in different neighborhoods than an ad in the classifieds of a local newspaper. And you can take it down when you are off duty.

No internal marketing team? No problem. The design groups at the best online printing services shops are always ready to help. They can help you create an effective and attention-getting vehicle magnet to best benefit your business or organization.

Does your Presentation Folders Printing need PMS?

New to the world of presentation folders printing? You probably thought you were home free after creating the design. Happy with your final draft, you log on to submit your request to your online print shop and stop short because there seems to still be an endless list of options. Things such as paper stock and size seem self-explanatory, but when you get to colour, you may be greeted with a list of acronyms that may as well be Greek.

Perhaps among the most surprising are the letters PMS.

It may be the last thing you expected to see, but rest assured there is no typo. PMS stands for Pantone Matching System. Sometime it’s referred to as spot colours. If you’ve ever painted a portrait or requested a custom colour from your local hardware store, then are likely familiar with swatches and colour matching.

PMS functions in much the same way. And with this colour option, company specific colours are created by mixing two or more of the 13 base pigments together. Although this can be a potentially more time consuming process, it ensures that hues are just right every time. Think of the signature Home Depot orange or the famous Coca-cola red.

Where consistency and saturation is critical, PMS should be used with limited exception. As a result, it is more often used in offset printing, where quality is also the primary concern.
One other advantage of using Pantone inks is the freedom to re-order a print job with confidence, even when you are not able to compare samples physically.

The final advantage of is the limitless options. You have the complete freedom to create a hue that is unlike any other currently used.

In conclusion, presentation folders printing can sometimes feel like an overwhelming process that doesn’t stop with the creation of a folder design. But take heart. Not all acronyms are shorthand for unmanageably complex concepts; PMS is easy.

Why companies can still benefit from presentation folders

As the world continues to globalize, and companies continue to compete for larger shares of customers, the goal of standing out among competitors or similar providers will continue to grow as a challenge.  Both new and old customers will have to be reminded why they should be loyal.

An effective way to get your name out there and your brand(s) recognized is through the use of presentation folders. Below are just a few ways these can help you win over and keep your customers.

They help you stand out.

Thoughtfully-designed presentation folders not only effectively present information to customers, but they also make a statement about your company and help shape, create, and reinforce its image. Work with your marketing team or a reputable design team to make sure you are getting the most out of this tool.

They personalize a meeting.

It’s sometimes easy for consumers to feel like they are being bombarded by advertisements and bothered by companies trying to steal their free time. Packaging your materials in a pleasant package that says something about your company’s personality can go a long way to build a customer relationship.

They are helpful.

Instead of using words to tell the world about your company and the quality products and services you have to offer, show them what you are about with these and provide brochures and other materials with information upfront about what you can offer them.

They save you money on advertising.

The cost of advertising space and consumer attention has increased over the years. As the world becomes more tech-oriented the cost of “new and improved” media and prime time advertising will continue to go up, and low-tech solutions will sometimes be overlooked. Take advantage of this and invest in presentation folders as a lower cost, effective tool to develop a brand that can catch and keep the attention of new and returning customers.

Pocket Folders: The trusted tool of employees at modern companies

It’s not surprising that simple pocket folders are the most overlooked yet useful tools in the technological age of business. But there are many uses for these, such as:

1. Holding documents. The simplest task is to hold documents for reference or future use. In these instances, it is important to make sure that the pockets are strong and/or deep enough to hold the number of pages you want to keep together. Also, check to make sure that the paper stock itself is thick enough so that normal wear and tear doesn’t quickly damage it.

2. Displaying sales brochures. This can arguably be one of the most interesting uses for pocket folders. When given some room to be creative, a team can also fashion a unique design to show off the company brand.  Thoughtful planning will help craft the perfect sales package for your team to win customers and close deals.

3. Organizing training materials. Most seminars leave employees with at least a small stack of handouts, booklets, notes, or other references. Instead of forcing attendees to find a place to store these pages, these can be passed out to everyone so that these documents can be neatly stored for easy reference after the training.

4. Handing out new employee packets.  Most new employees get inundated with forms and handbooks and pamphlets to read as they get up to speed about their new employer. It is easy for the HR representative or supervisor who is responsible for passing along this information to forget a sheet or two as they get busy. Instead of scrambling to gather all necessary documents, a packet can be put together well in advance to pass out when new employees are hired. New employees, then, can also keep relevant items in the folder with them to read at their leisure.

With so many uses, it becomes easy to see why these rudimentary devices are still on the desks of employees at all levels of many organizations. Pocket folders are smart for all kinds of businesses.

Kit Folders: One tool, unlimited uses

Kit folders are area a simple, yet elegant, tool for you to present any and all the information about your company, products, services, upcoming events, and so on with customers, employees, or shareholders. You can choose to design an effective all-around folder something custom catering to your audience while playing an important role in your brand marketing.

These are so versatile that every department and industry can benefit from their use. Here are just a few examples of how just one company can take advantage of these tools.

New employee on-boarding.

When new employees start, the amount of paperwork and information they receive and a company has to pass along can be overwhelming. Rather than showing up with a stack of official documents, you can use a beautifully designed kit folders to organize the papers they can keep in an easy to read through kind of way. This will also help you easily direct them to the documents they need to answer any questions they may have.

Monthly department meetings

These can be used to pass out information for review during or after any meeting. It helps everyone in the room organize files that keep them up to date about internal news.

Shareholder meetings

Present the relevant financial results as well as company updates, letters from the c-suite, and upcoming votes in a folder so that shareholders have easy access to the information that they want. These can also help remind them of the type of company they are invested in, when designed to enhance brand image.

Sales meetings

Whether you provide services or sell products, a sales meeting with neatly arranged brochures and other marketing information that showcase your offerings in a smart-looking package will help any customer better visualize the benefits of choosing your company. Just remember not to overload your customers with too many options at one time.

Trainings and conferences

Participating in external trainings and conferences is a networking exercise as much as it is a professional development endeavor. Especially if your firm has a booth or is leading one of the sessions, the use of kit folders can greatly enhance your company image and crate a lasting impression on attendees.

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