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Using 9×12 Folders to Keep Your Office Organized

Ever feel like papers aren’t in the place you last left them? This annoying situation can quickly turn anxious if you’re on a time crunch. 9×12 folders can save you from having to remember these details…or at least protect you from the little gremlins that might be creating your chaos.

Just follow the simple steps below, and you can eliminate frantic searches from your list of stressors.

1. Sort documents and create a filing system.

The first step in developing a solution is always to understand the problem. By sorting through your current inventory of loose documents, you can weed out those that are not important and start separating what’s left into useful piles.

2. Order your 9×12 folders

After completing step one, you now have a clearer sense of your filing needs and a good idea of the most efficient way to stay organized. Use this information to create the ideal folder to keep you organized.

With the growing variety of printed materials companies receive and create, print shops now offer a variety of options to customize your 9×12 folder. You may not need all the advanced frills for a filing system, but coatings to help protect from wear and tear on commonly used files or bold colours to mark business critical files may come in handy.

9x12 folders

3. Choose an appropriate storage unit.

Whether it’s a filing cabinet, a desk drawer, or a box, a useable storage unit is key to maintaining a organization. If it is inconvenient to get at your files or if storage units have to be scattered about your office, your motivation to stay organized will drastically fall.

Of course it can be hard to predict whether you will all of a sudden have a significant increase in the number of business documents that come across your desk, so scalable solutions are preferable. For example, a stackable mobile unit is preferable to a small drawer in a wood-carved desk.

 4. Keep on top of things.

Finally, sorting and filing as documents come in is key to avoid future episodes. One or two items a day slipped into 9X12 folders is a breeze to organize compared to a hundred pages of miscellaneous items collected over the past weeks.


Pockets Options that Make 9×12 Folders Functional for Your Company


Perhaps your grade-school experience with 9×12 folders makes you skeptical about their use in the grown-up, modern world of business. Well, your single-subject, two-pocket versions available in an assortment of colors or cartoon designs can also be created with refined, sophistication for any business need. Aside from the actual design and text on the cover, the sheer number of options for organizational pockets alone can set your business 9x12s clearly apart from your 2nd grade English folder.

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Below are the main categories of decisions for pocket options.

The most obvious choice you’ll make is whether to use one pocket or two. Generally speaking, most companies prefer two pockets. Not even necessarily to stuff more printed materials in the folder, but rather to make sure that the information contained is easily accessible without having to rifle through a stack of other documents.

Height of the pocket
The next most obvious question to answer is how tall you want to make your pockets. Common sizes are from three to four inches tall. This gives a good amount of support for items being stored and also leaves enough space for someone to scan the top sheets in each pocket.

Glue tabs
These are the little flaps at adhere your pocket flap to the main piece. Most folders will come with glue tabs because this ensures that items will not accidentally fall sideways out of the pockets.
Sometimes pockets are designed without using glue tabs when there isn’t much information to be distributed. This type of folder gives the recipient an experience like that of opening a present.

Gussets and spines
For the heavy duty pocket folders that are home to thick packets or handbooks, gussets and spines are added so that the depth of the pocket can be extended.

Business card holders
Most companies prefer to include business cards instead of printing contact details on the folder itself. This means no reprinting after changes in personnel or office location.

There are a handful of cuts that can be made to hold a business card or two, normally on the pocket flaps. First are two or four diagonal slits to hold the corners. Second are little semi-circle or other similar shaped tabs to hold the edges of a business card in place. These shapes can also be used to hold the corners of the card.