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Does your Presentation Folders Printing need PMS?

New to the world of presentation folders printing? You probably thought you were home free after creating the design. Happy with your final draft, you log on to submit your request to your online print shop and stop short because there seems to still be an endless list of options. Things such as paper stock and size seem self-explanatory, but when you get to colour, you may be greeted with a list of acronyms that may as well be Greek.

Perhaps among the most surprising are the letters PMS.

It may be the last thing you expected to see, but rest assured there is no typo. PMS stands for Pantone Matching System. Sometime it’s referred to as spot colours. If you’ve ever painted a portrait or requested a custom colour from your local hardware store, then are likely familiar with swatches and colour matching.

PMS functions in much the same way. And with this colour option, company specific colours are created by mixing two or more of the 13 base pigments together. Although this can be a potentially more time consuming process, it ensures that hues are just right every time. Think of the signature Home Depot orange or the famous Coca-cola red.

Where consistency and saturation is critical, PMS should be used with limited exception. As a result, it is more often used in offset printing, where quality is also the primary concern.
One other advantage of using Pantone inks is the freedom to re-order a print job with confidence, even when you are not able to compare samples physically.

The final advantage of is the limitless options. You have the complete freedom to create a hue that is unlike any other currently used.

In conclusion, presentation folders printing can sometimes feel like an overwhelming process that doesn’t stop with the creation of a folder design. But take heart. Not all acronyms are shorthand for unmanageably complex concepts; PMS is easy.


How to Choose Your Online Printing Services

Have you shopped around for online printing services only to find that your same job submitted to two shops came back with different quotes? Price alone should not be your deciding factor, as you should be seeking value, so which one do you choose?

There are a lot of factors you could consider, such as turnaround time, shipping costs, and customer reviews. However, the technology may be the difference especially if you have a small order—the type of printing the company will use for your order could be the decision maker.

There are two basic types of printing methods used in the industry today—offset printing and digital printing. Although the differences may be negligible to the untrained eye, understanding them will help you better choose a service to match your needs.

Digital Printing

Generally, digital printing is the more cost effective of the two printing methods. It is the one we are most familiar with today. Your images get upload and then transferred onto your choice of medium using either industrial laser or inkjet printers. Smaller volume jobs are made more affordable because the setup costs are much less compared to that of traditional offset printing. As a result, turnaround times are also shorter and modification to the design can be made and quickly incorporated into the printed product.

Offset Printing

On the other hand, offset printing generally produces higher quality products with sharper lines and cleaner images. This method transfers designs onto something like a rubber stamp before the final medium. For example, a poster would get passed through the printer and “stamped” multiple times, each rubber sheet adding the appropriate amount of a different coloured ink until the correct shade is created.

The Verdict

As technology improves, it will likely be more difficult for us to spot the difference between these two printing methods, especially without a side-by-side comparison and a magnifying glass. It’s already pretty tough for most people now. Until then, remember to consider more than just cost when choosing your online printing services. Make sure you get a product that meets your needs, is a great value, and utilizes a printing method that gives you the right blend of quality, speed, and affordability.

Presentation Folder Printing: 4 Tips to Success

If you’re preparing for important sales pitch and looking for presentation folder printing services, but just don’t know where to start, here are a few tips to keep in mind to help ensure a quality production.

  1. Look online. You will have a long list of print shops to choose from online. Take into consideration customer reviews and available services as you browse each site. Although you can always reach out to different companies for specific jobs, developing a good relationship with a dependable, one-stop shop for printing needs is always preferable.
  2. Request samples from the printer. Even if you think you know what you want, sometimes being able to see and flip through your options makes a world of a difference. If you have long-time trusted clients, you may also want to ask for their input while reviewing your options.
  3. Work with the printer. Before your folders go to press, you will get a proof to review. Take your time to check the aesthetics, message, and grammar of your text and design. Work with the shop to clean up any issues. It’s easy to overlook a small error that will become glaringly embarrassing if your current or potential clients discover it before you.
  4. Resist Bulk Orders. With volume discounts available, you may be tempted to put in an order that will last the length of your tenure at the company.  Resist this urge. Order just enough for your middle-term needs. Because these folders are part of your branding strategy, the freedom to not be locked into one design indefinitely is essential to keeping your marketing fresh.

With a little bit of research and discipline, presentation folder printing can be a breeze with these tips.

What to Look For When Selecting Online Printing Services

Printing will never go out of style. Businesses continue to rely on advertising and printed materials as a way to convey their message, so choosing the right service is extremely important. No one wants to order 1000 business cards that arrive riddled with mistakes and made poorly. As you select online printing services, keep the following important factors in mind to help you select the best in the business.

● Customization. It’s important you’re free to customize your business materials the way you see fit. The ability to select size, colour, paper, and coatings are all options that should be freely offered when selecting important materials that will eventually represent your business.

● One Stop Shop. Printing companies offering a wide range of printing services, and even design and more, can lessen the time you spend searching for your business needs. Using multiple companies could cause confusion and have conflicting flow with your printed materials.

● Easy Communication. This is key! The importance of communicating your business needs easily and effectively is a crucial step in any printing job. Live chat, toll free calling, and emails are a necessity! If the printing company has no way of communication other than email you might be dealing with a not-so-legitimate company. Remember that your needs are unlike any other business out there; if you can’t communicate that then you’re better off choosing a different printing company.

● Ordering. There is nothing worse than dealing with a complicated system! You should look for easy upload options, a wide range of order options, and quick turnaround times.

Make sure you do your research when choosing online printing services. Your business is an extension of yourself, and nothing conveys your mission better then sharp, professional, and effective materials!